Capcom assures Street Fighter V season 2 issues and beyond are being addressed

Akuma as seen in Street Fighter V (Capcom)

Street Fighter V fans can expect more improvements in 2017, with the possibility of a balance patch in the near future.

Capcom esports director Neidel “Haunts” Crisan provided an update on Street Fighter V in a reply to a Reddit post listing players’ issues with the game.

There are going to be a lot of improvements to the game this year starting with CFN,” Haunts said. “Beyond that, I assure you I’ve sent the above issues to the dev team many times and you’ll see more improvements and cool features/modes as the year goes on. I just don’t have any exact timelines to share [at the moment.]”

Capcom has been relatively quiet since it released the Season 2 update that added Akuma to the game and included enough balance changes to fill a 92-page PDF.

Haunts implored the community to be patient, as development changes take time. Lack of communication has been an ongoing issue for Capcom, however, Haunts said players can expect to hear from Capcom more regularly going forward.

“In terms of communication, I know it seems like an eternity for updates but keep in mind Akuma just dropped a little over a month ago along with 92 pages of balance changes. To set expectations, expect info drops from us roughly every other month. It’s tough to get out any meaningful news every single month so just keep that in mind,” Haunts said.

Capcom-Unity also posted a blog with minor fixes to typos or missing information in its Season 2 changelog last night. The blog mentioned Capcom is evaluating the Season 2 balance patch and may make “additional adjustments” if needed.

An update to improve the online network in Street Fighter V may be coming this Spring.

Capcom recently announced full details for the Capcom Pro Tour 2017 will be revealed in late February. However, Final Round and Combo Breaker will be CPT Premier Events this year.

Michael Martin eagerly awaits news on the CPT and new characters for SFV. Join him in his wait on Twitter @Bizarro_Mike.