Dota 2 and CS:GO top Steam’s 2016 list for most played games

Dota 2 tops Steam’s list of most played games for 2016 once again. (Valve)

Update 3:30 PT: An earlier version of this article quoted different figures from Githyp for Dota 2 and CS:GO. This has since been corrected, and the disparity between the games’ respective user bases in 2015-2016 has appeared to have lessened.

The original article follows below.

A new report released by Githyp (via Kotaku), a tool that tracks Steam’s most popular games, shows that Valve’s own Dota 2 and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive topped the platform’s most played list for 2016.

Dota 2 was Steam’s most played game last year, averaging 636,607 players per hour. Valve’s shooter Counter-Strike: Global Offensive came in second place with an average of 350,600 players per hour, as displayed on the Githyp tool (although the article reports an average of 360,600 players per hour).

Interestingly, Dota 2 and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive took the top spots in 2015 as well, making this the second year in a row that the two games have taken the top two spots on the chart. However, CS:GO has seen a drop in its user base when pulling up data from Githyp’s yearly charts, where Dota 2 has seen an increase:

Updated: CS:GO’s average number of players fell slightly, while Dota 2’s increased. (Source: Githyp)


Both Dota 2 and CS:GO have a number of major esports events scheduled throughout 2017. Coming up for Dota 2 is the Kiev Major 2017, scheduled to take place April 20-23 in Kiev, Ukraine. The event has a $3,000,000 prize pool.

For CS:GO, the ELeague Major starts on January 22 and features 16 teams. Yahoo Esports will be covering the event, so watch our CS:GO hub for more news straight from the show floor.