LGD Gaming's Pyl: 'We’re playing well because we don’t want to get relegated and lose face'

Support and Team Captain of LGD Gaming, Pyl (Dionne Ng)

LGD Gaming’s classic struggle to find early season consistency continued this split, but as always, they bounced back hard after hitting rock bottom. In a clean sweep of Game Talents, they advanced to the next round of the Promotion Tournament to face Young Miracles. Following their series, they fielded questions from press about their strange late season upswing, their top lane tendencies, and how they approached their match against Game Talents.

Gu “imp” Seungbin, why did you wear your uniform from 2015?

Chen “Pyl” Bo (Laughing and speaking for imp): There’s no special meaning. Our contracts expired six months ago, so we can only wear previous uniforms.

During mid game in the second match, the enemy team tried to target the mid laner and jungler, but the rest of the team took the opportunity to steal the Baron. How did you come to this decision?

Pyl: At that time, the enemy team needed to send their AD carry to push out the top lane. We didn’t expect them to send five people to flank our bottom lane. The decision was very simple. They all went to bottom lane, and the remaining three of us had enough damage to take the Baron.

In the first two games, Kim “GimGoon” Hansaem picked Kennen. How did your team answer an AD Kennen pick?

Lim “Jinoo” Jinwoo: It’s quite hard to play against AD Kennen. In the early game, there’s a short period where Jayce can trade with Kennen. My approach was just to play conservatively and scale and try to limit my mistakes.

GT are a solo lane focused team. How did you prepare to face them?

Coach Chen “Dgc” Xu: We could prepare because their playstyle is somewhat fixed. We picked solo laners that could push back against them. If they chose pushing lanes, we chose pushing lanes.

Until recently, I’ve just seen Jinoo play bruiser champions. Is this your personal preference or do you pick them to suit the team?

Jinoo: It’s what I like to play, I really like this kind of champion. It also works well with the team since our win rate is pretty high when I pick bruiser champions.

A lot of people say that LGD always hit bottom, but they bounce back hard. Why do you think it’s like this? A lot of fans today are cheering to support you. Do you have something to say to them?

Pyl: This time we’re playing well because we don’t want to get relegated and lose face. I think this is the most important.

In today’s match, Eimy’s progress was really obvious. Eimy, how do you feel about it? Where are the gaps where you still need to improve? Please rate your performance.

Eimy: My progress has been okay. I recently feel pretty well, and I don’t play Lee Sin like he has a limp anymore. I feel like I didn’t perform that well today and was carried by my team. I give myself a three out of ten.

Jinoo, how have you synergized with your team? Very rarely have you chosen a tank champion. After today’s games, will you consider this kind of pick?

Jinoo: Recently our synergy and cooperation has been really good. If the team needs me to play a tank, I will certainly play one.

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