goes independent, raises $15 million in funding has gone independent (, the game recording platform headed up by legendary Quake player Dennis “Thresh” Fong, has gone independent and raised $15 million in funding as a startup, the company announced Thursday.

Previously operating as a part of Raptr, has become a go-to option for esports players who are looking to record their games and easily share clips among the community. For esports players, is being positioned as a way to record practice sessions and scrim blocks for later review.

“ is our most important training tool,” Andy Dinh, general manager and owner for Team SoloMid, said in a statement. “Our players use after every match to replay and analyze their mistakes. It’s super easy to use, and anyone who likes to play games can get better like a pro.”

Funding for the company comes from from Silicon Valley-based venture capital company Shasta Ventures as well as NBA Player (and noted esports fan) Jeremy Lin and “owners and executives” of the San Francisco 49ers.

With the funding, plans to roll out new features for the lightweight recording software.

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