Pros go hands-on with Street Fighter V's Kolin

Street Fighter V DLC character Kolin (Capcom)

Street Fighter V’s newest DLC character Kolin is forthcoming, but we got our first hands-on preview of her at the Lupe Fiasco/Street Fighter V event last night.

If you’re unfamiliar with Kolin, she’s Street Fighter’s first ice-based character, with the ability to toss ice projectiles and freeze her opponents. She seems to be a technical character with a steeper learning curve, requiring various set ups to get her offense going, similar to Ibuki or FANG.

Pros took to Twitter to give those of us who couldn’t make it to San Francisco in person the juicy details about Kolin.

Joe “LI Joe” Ciaramelli seemed most impressed with Kolin’s counter damage and the ability to freeze an opponent’s stun bar with her V-Trigger:

He also mentioned Kolin having “stubby normals” and a “cheap” EX special move:

Echo Fox’s newest addition Justin Wong compared Kolin to Ultra Street Fighter IV’s Decapre because of her mobility:

He expanded on Kolin’s counter damage, stating that if it whiffs, she is susceptible to Crush Counters, which give an opponent an opportunity for big damage:

Like the other pros, Long “LPN” Nguyen believes her V-Trigger and the ability to freeze an opponent’s stun bar is “really strong:”

However, not everyone is impressed with Kolin. Ari “Floe” Weintraub lamented the fact his initial concept of Kolin’s abilities didn’t match up with his first hands-on impression:

It should be emphasized that these are hot takes on a new character these players have had access to for a limited amount of time. Some things could change before her release, especially if Capcom is considering a balance patch in the near future, as they hinted at recently.

You can watch the archive of the event, which includes matches featuring Kolin, on CapcomFighter’s Twitch. Kolin is slated to release on February 28.

Michael Martin may or may not be a Kolin player in SFV soon because Ryu is a bum in Season 2. Follow him on Twitter @Bizarro_Mike.