Street Fighter V Thailand stage and new costumes coming April 25

A remastered old school stage and more costumes are coming to Street Fighter V.

Tuesday, Capcom revealed the Thailand stage and school costumes for Chun-Li, Juri, and Ryu will release on April 25. The remastered stage from Street Fighter II and the school costumes were first revealed at Capcom’s WonderCon 2017 panel.

It appears Capcom toyed with variations of the Thailand stage, to include a night variation, but chose to stick with a design as close to the original as possible. It is not clear if you can break the statues like you could in Street Fighter II at this time.

Street Fighter V’s remastered Thailand stage (Capcom)

If that wasn’t enough, Capcom announced new “work” themed costumes, which will also release on the same day. Capcom has some of the concept designs for these work-related costumes, which includes Alex as a firefighter, R. Mika as a cheerleader, and yet another Chun-Li costume, this time in business attire.

The Thailand stage will cost $4 or 70,000 Fight Money and the premium costumes will cost $4 each.

Alex as seen in his new ‘work’ costume in Street Fighter V (Capcom)

In related Street Fighter V news, Capcom announced a delay for the upcoming CFN update and balance patch. However, Capcom will conduct a second beta test, which will allow users to play the game with all characters, including the as-of-yet unannounced upcoming DLC character, for free.

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