Vici Gaming's Bengi and Easyhoon become the first World Champions to be relegated to LSPL

DAN remove their headsets as the last nexus of their Promotion series against Vici falls

Following a commanding 3-1 series by third place LSPL team team DAN Gaming, Vici Gaming found themselves relegated from the LPL for the 2017 Summer split. Vici Gaming’s most well known players are Bae “Bengi” Seongwoong and Lee “Easyhoon” Jihoon, members of the 2015 SK Telecom T1 World Championship squad.

Vici Gaming’s only roster changes between 2016 Summer and 2017 Spring were replacing Choi “DanDy” Inkyu with Bae “Bengi” Seongwoong and benching support Duan “Caveman” Deliang for the team’s previous mid laner, Wang “Hetong” Bin. Vici Gaming’s CEO, Lu “HunTeR” Wenjun previously incited fan criticism by laying much of the team’s performance at Bengi’s feet with phrases like “You get what you paid for.”

In taking down Vici, DAN targeted the bottom lane heavily. HunTeR had previously made several comments about a lack of existing Chinese bot lane talent, but Zhang “Qiuqiu” Ming and Wang “Cat” Yao made short work of Vici’s duo lane.

DAN’s roster includes Chinese top laner Guo “Lies” Haotian, Jeong “Karin” Soojong, Yu “Ggoong” Byeongjun, Qiuqiu and Cat. Western fans will find Ggoong most familiar for his run to quarterfinals at the 2014 World Championship. This isn’t the first time Ggoong has bested Bengi in a best-of-five, as NaJin White Shield ran through SK Telecom T1 K in the 2014 Regional Gauntlet on their way to Worlds.

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