You’ll be able to watch IEM Katowice in VR

IEM Katowice will get the full virtual reality treatment (Patrick Strack/IEM)

Poland is a beautiful and friendly country, but rather far away from the U.S. If you want to  experience the excitement of a live esports event like IEM Katowice, then, normally it’s relegated to the flat screen of a computer monitor.

Not so for the 2017 IEM World Championship. ESL, in conjunction with, will be presenting IEM Katowice in full 360-degree virtual reality.

Viewers with VR-ready PCs and headsets will be able to take control of an avatar that’s “seated” in the stadium, able to look around in full 360, “interact with other live viewers through emojis,” and keep an eye on live stats and replays directly in the VR client.

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