CS:GO mod Classic Offensive greenlit on Steam

Classic Offensive will be bringing back the feel of Counter-Strike 1.6 (Steam)

Last month, a curious new mod for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive popped up on Steam. Classic Offensive aimed (get it?) to recreate the feel of Counter-Strike 1.6 within the engine of its updated version.

Naturally, the community was rather pleased about the development. So pleased, in fact, that the game has officially passed the Steam Greenlight process by way of popular vote, and will be made available for purchase on Valve’s digital store upon its completion.

The mod won’t recreate every aspect of 1.6, but it will be bringing the “vibe” of the game over while keeping some of the quality of life improvements that CS:GO introduced to the long-running franchise. Maps, sound effects, weapons, and character models will all be reverted back to their 1.6 state. Did you drop out of the game after the great schism between 1.6 and Source? Classic Offensive will be your way back in.

While Classic Offensive likely won’t become a massive esports like its big brother CS:GO, it’d be a blast to have some of the old-school players take their swing at the mod. Filip “NEO” Kubski and Christopher “GeT_RiGhT” Alesund should get their mice and keyboards ready.

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